Hi there! I'm Marcus, a 26 year old problem solver from Helsingborg, Sweden. Currently on the final term of my bachelor of Computer Science at Uppsala University and working part time as a Front-end Developer at Giv Akt. Why not check out some of my featured work or have a look through my resumé.

Photo taken during my internship in Marbella, Spain

Kunoqvist Brand identity UX & Front-End | React @ Giv Akt LIVE SITE →

Smart med mat Educational website UX, Animation & Front-End @ Giv Akt LIVE SITE →

Glasvasen Promotional site Design & Front-End @ Giv Akt LIVE SITE →

Stockholm Continental Promotional site Design & Front-End @ Giv Akt LIVE SITE →

Studied languages
C, C++, Java, Python, Haskell, Go, Erlang. High proficency in Javascript/HTML5/CSS due to my previous employment.
Notable courses
Program Design and Data Structures. Computer Architecture. Linear Algebra and Geometry. Automata Theory. Imperative and Object-Oriented Programming Methodology. Computer Law and Commercial Law. Operating Systems and Process-Oriented Programming. Scientific Computing and Calculus. Probability and Statistics. Database Design. Computer Networks. Semantics of Programming Languages. Algorithms & Data Structures II. Compiler Design I. Human-Computer Interaction.
Notable university projects
Conservative Compacting Garbage Collector in C.
Intelligent Sudoku Solver in Haskell.
Teaching Assistant
Program Design and Data Structures.
Information Technology.

UPPSALA UNIVERSITY Bachelor of Computer Science 2014-2017